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◎ 释义

n. 爱好者, 献身者, 虔诚的宗教信徒

n an ardent follower and admirer



He who does not say it with me is not a devotee.

不与我一起念诵的 非奉献者

Given her devotees, that isn't hard to find.

考虑到她那么多粉丝 也不难找到

He joins a swelling tide of devotees.


Your daughter is a very dedicated horror devotee.


Like yourself, I am a devotee of the craft of thespis.

和您一样 我也热爱希腊悲剧

Oh, I've been a devotee of the sweet science for years.


I discovered you're not just a hockey fan, you are... you're a devotee.

也发现了你不是个简单的曲棍球粉丝 你简直是疯狂爱好者

Now, devotees may argue that one sport or game is inherently better than another.

狂热爱好者们可能会据理力争 说某一种运动或游戏本身就比其它的更好

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