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◎ 释义

n. 进口, 插入物
[化] 入口; 进口; 投料口; 供料口

n. an arm off of a larger body of water (often between rocky headlands)



No, but they could anchor in this inlet.

对 但它们可以在这个水湾停靠

So here's the thing, we've run out of navigable inlets.

是这样的 我们没有登陆点了

Pond Inlet, if that means anything to you.

庞德因莱特[加拿大] 不过你估计不知道是哪

But as they move up the inlet, they see something most unexpected.

可是当他们沿着水湾驶入时 他们见到了最意想不到之事

Dragged the inlet and they found absolutely nothing.

把水湾翻了个遍 还是一无所获

The inlet valve might have been blocked, but I can't verify that.

入口阀门也许堵住了 但我不能确定

Yeah, you've coked up the inlet valves and the plugs.


They were gonna dredge this inlet to make room for those 50footers.

他们要挖掘疏浚 把这个海湾给那些大船腾地方停靠

Well, pelvic inlet shows that the victim is a female.


You take the skiff, get around to the other side of this inlet.

你开小艇 绕到这个水湾的另一边

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