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◎ 释义

a. 土褐色的, 单调的

s. lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise
s. lacking brightness or color; dull



It's a little drab, I think. It looks a little drab.

颜色有点素 我觉得 看起来有点素

And you make the rooms so drab and dingy.


Yeah, we gotta clear up a few dribs and drabs.

是的 我们还有一些零碎的事要处理

Those women count on me to brighten up their drab little lives.

那些女人指望我 让她们单调的生活变得活跃

It only takes two minutes to go from drab to fab.


It's a real struggle to mother in a drab visiting room.

在死气沉沉的接访室里 进行亲子会面真的很痛苦

I'll have to go to the streets and become a sailors' drab to feed myself and the baby.

我就得沦落街头 给水手们当*来养活自己和孩子

The same halfpenny drab that now runs a fine house, with the means to come at you.

这个分文不值的*现在开了一家很好的妓院 她也有办法对付你了

But worst of all, those who try to kill our spirit by their miserable drabness, who have such venom in their hearts for everything they cannot control.

通过他们的单调与乏味 想要杀死我们的精神 那些心中留着毒液 对任何无法控制的东西怀恨在心的人的罪

My misfortune was to be born in a drab age and to have lived in the stifle of a barn where a man was only as good as the things he crafted.

我的不幸便是出生在一个单调的年代 还要与一群手工匠们共同生活在一间乏闷的谷仓里 我们曾是车轮匠

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