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◎ 释义

a. 预言性的, 成为前兆的

s. of or relating to prediction; having value for making predictions



But then he predicts that you'll predict what he predicted too.

可他又会预知你能想到 他预料到的情况

But then he predicts that you predicted that.


I was built to predict people, but to predict them, you have to truly understand them.

我被造出來是為了預測人類 但要預測他們 就必須先了解他們

And that's consistent with what the laws of physics predicts, because they don't predict anything.

这和物理法则预期的相符 因为它们不预期任何事

Of course, I haven't done this before no one here has and any predictions are only predictive, not declarative probabilities being what they are or could be.

当然 我没这么做过 也没人这么做过 而任何的预测都只是预测性的 并非确凿的可能性 表明它们是或可能是什么

The leader predicts the player's death, and then they die in the way that it was predicted.

领导者预言玩家的死 然后他们就会如预言所讲而死

They hired me for my ability to predict things that many people think aren't subject to prediction.

他们雇我是为了让我预测那些 许多人认为难以预料的事

I really enjoy predicting the weather, but, uh, I'd love to move up and start predicting the news.

我真的很喜欢预报天气 可我想更进一步 开始预报新闻

She predicted an evening of romance will end in disaster, and so far, all her predictions have come true.

她预测浪漫夜晚 会以灾难结束 目前为止 她的预测都成真了

We predicted there should be a large area in the sky of about ten degrees, and indeed that's what was observed about seven months after we made the prediction.

我们预言天空中应该有一片 温度大约为10开尔文的巨大区域 在我们作出预言大约七个月之后 的确得到了这样的观测结果

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