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◎ 释义

a. 相当大的, 可观的

s fairly large
s large in amount or extent or degree



Which is why I'm assuring the outcome with a sizeable donation.


There'll still be a sizeable sum when I'm done.


I made a sizeable donation to your campaign today.


A sizeable contribution to her pension in exchange for protecting you and your friends.

给她一笔可观的养老金 以此换取她对你和你朋友的保护

An uncle of hers passed and left her quite a sizeable bequest.

她的一位叔叔过世了 给她留下了丰厚的遗产

Actually, there's a sizeable photo section right in the middle here.

其实 很大一部分都是照片 就在中间这里

I think there's a pretty sizeable arse there, yes, sir.

我觉得她*挺大 是的

In addition, you can have a sizeable portion of my food stores.

此外 你们可以拿走我一大部分的食物储备

Which is good, 'cause there is currently a sizeable alien spaceship overhead.

这是好事 因为我们头上 现在有一架巨大的外星飞船

They made a sizeable onetime payment to your dad back in 2000.


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