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◎ 释义

n. 绕路, 迂回
v. (使)绕道

n. a roundabout road (especially one that is used temporarily while a main route is blocked)
v. travel via a detour



And there's been no journey, no detours.

没有什么心路历程 没有什么曲折历史

Okay, how? I'd recommend a detour.

该怎么做 我建议让她绕一下路

So we know what detours we are taking.


So whatever path you were on, you took a detour.

不管你现在在哪条路上 你都绕路了

And having surveyed it myself, I assure you it requires no detours.

我亲自勘测过 我向你保证不需要绕道

Carry on. I'm going to take a detour.

你们继续走 我要绕去别的地方

Who knows how many detours we'll have to take.


She was a little disappointed at the detour but not totally surprised.

因为绕路所以她有些不太满意 但她也不十分惊讶

No stops, no detours, put him directly on the plane.

路上不要停不要绕 直接把他送上飞机

We might have to make a detour to the ladies. I'll wait here.

我们可能得去趟卫生间了 我在这等着

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