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◎ 释义

n. 附加物, 附属建筑物
vt. 附加, 盖(印), 并吞

n. an addition that extends a main building
v. take (territory) as if by conquest
v. attach to



And once we do, we annex it into the reservation.

一拿到手 我们就将它并入保留地

Look, I'm taking you to the annex, as ordered.

我要遵照命令 把你带去副楼

Judson ran the library while you were out here in an annex.

贾德森管理主图书馆 而你负责管理这个备份

After a moment's pause in the annexe, it was time.

在侧楼里停了片刻 时间到了

It's in our annex building 616, by the waterfront.


Yeah, he steals them from the storage annex.

没错 他从储藏室里偷得

I can anchor it back to here, back to this annex.

我可以把它锚回这里 回到这个附楼

Rainwater will annex that land into the reservation.


Guy used to work at a biology annex.


Once we annex the land, the state has no control over anything we do.

一旦我们吞并了这片地 我们做什么政府都管不了了

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