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◎ 释义

n. 唤醒, 觉醒, 被唤起
a. 觉醒中的

n. the act of waking



It can awaken the subconscious and, in certain rare cases, even awaken the unconscious.

它能够唤醒潜意识 某些罕见情况中 甚至还能唤醒失去知觉的人

And when they do, they'll be in for a rude awakening.

他們一動手 就悔之晚矣

It would not do to have him awaken during the procedure.

如果他醒着的话 就无法进行手术了

For those of you who have been rudely awakened, I apologise.

很抱歉 突然把你们吵醒了

She's awakening, and you must guide her.

她即将觉醒 你必须要引导她

It doesn't change the prognosis for awakening.


All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.


So, here's to your sexual awakening, I guess.

庆祝你的性觉醒 之类的吧

He was on a journey of spiritual awakening.


I am awakening what is already within their blood.


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