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◎ 释义 使空出, 搬出, 腾出, 不再使用/居住, 解除(职位), 撤离(阵地), 辞职, 退位
vt. 取消, 使作废

v. leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily
v. leave behind empty; move out of



I like vacations. I'm good at vacations.

我喜欢休假 我也很擅长休假

With technology, every vacation's a working vacation these days.

现如今电子科技这么发达 什么度假都得工作

And stop betting on whether I will actually go on vacation, because I am on vacation.

别再打赌我会不会去度假了 因为我已经在度假了

When companies offer unlimited vacations, employees take even less vacations.

如果公司给员工无限假期 员工休假反而会更少

Every time I think vacation can't get any more stupid, more vacation happens and proves me wrong.

每次我觉得假期不可能更傻了 假期就狠狠地打了我一脸

I don't need credit just an extra week's paid vacation, which is where I go on vacation, and you pay for it.

我不需要什么功劳 再给我一个带薪休假 就是我去休假 你帮我把钱都付了就行

But we're on vacation. I'm working.

但我们在度假啊 我在工作

I wouldn't bid on any vacations if I were you.

如果我是你的话 我不会竞拍度假产品

I hate to do it but it's for vacation.

我也不想這樣... 但畢竟是假期

What are you doing here? I thought you were on vacation.

你在这里干什么 我以为你去度假了

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