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◎ 释义

n. 渡船, 渡口
[法] 摆渡营业权, 轮渡

n. a boat that transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule
n. transport by boat or aircraft
v. transport from one place to another
v. transport by ferry



Some of them were travelling on our ferry.


We have patrol waiting for him down by the ferry.


Mom, this isn't the way to the ferry.

妈妈 这不是去渡口的路啊

And the ferry, it was just two punts.

所谓渡船 其实只是两艘平底船

If we miss the last ferry, we'll have to sleep here.

如果我们错过最后一班船 就得睡在这了

I do have a taxi, but the ferry ride would be long.

我还有辆出租车 不过要乘渡船的话路途就比较漫长了

Post them at the train station, the ferries.


Shut down all the airports, the ferries, tunnels.

关闭所有机场 港口和隧道

The next ferry doesn't go for hours.


Maybe you'll make it before the ferry leaves.

你现在赶过去 或许渡轮还没开走

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