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◎ 释义

n. 奖金, 红利
[经] 奖金, 红利, 额外补贴

n. anything that tends to arouse
n. an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of increasing output



You can see she goes with the bonus option, even waits patiently for her additional piece to be added here, and then takes the bonus, avoiding the person who gives her losses.

可以看到它选择了有奖励的那位 甚至还耐心等待了另外一颗葡萄 然后拿走奖励 回避着为它带去过损失的人

So I could make the monkey think he's getting a bonus simply by having him trade with a trader who's starting with a single grape but then when the monkey pays this trader, she actually gives him an extra, so she gives him a bonus.

所以我可以让猴子认为他得到了奖励 只需让它与这位卖家交易 卖家一开始只出售一颗葡萄 但在猴子付过代币之后 她会再给猴子一颗 作为奖励

She didn't run off, so that was a bonus.

她没被吓跑 可以再加分

It's about it's about you keeping your bonus.


I wonder what I should do with this bonus.


Lucky for you there's a bonus round.

但你很走运 有一个奖励环节

Is this a joke? It's your signing bonus.

你在拿我寻开心吗 是你的签约奖金

So you're upselling. I'm your bonus offer.

你在追价销售 我是你的红利

It's not really a bonus if it's my money.

这本来就是我的钱 不存在额外津贴这一说

As a bonus, you take the rest of these.

作为奖励 剩下这些都给你

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