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◎ 释义

vi. 憔悴, 凋萎, 苦思

v. become feeble



How strange it is to see you languishing in a cell.


It grieves me that my account languishes in arrears.

我的账户拖欠停用了 我很难过

My father has languished in prison for too long.


He cannot be suffered to languish in his own bloody bedding.


It was I who languished for years thinking of nothing but you.

这就是我苦苦盼望多年的时刻 除了你,我什么也不想

has been languishing in prison since his childhood years.

heartlessly reduced to the state of a primitive savage,

We're languishing, we're drifting without a vision or a purpose.

日薄西山 随波逐流 没有目标

I mean, living in the woods, languishing in arts.

住在森林里 为艺术受煎熬

Because you languish now, and your people vent their displeasure.

因为你们现在很艰难 你的臣民流露出不满

You brave men did not deserve to languish in such ignominy.


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