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◎ 释义

a. 另外的, 再一的, 不同的
pron. 又一个, 另一个, 类似的另一个

s. any of various alternatives; some other



But then you take one life, then another, then another, then another.

但是一旦你夺走了一条生命 然后另一条 再一条 再一条

Now it's another one and another one and another one.

又出现了一条 一条接一条

And now it's another one, and there's another one and another one.

又出现了一条 一条接一条的出现

They don't like people with another skin, another eye or another hair.

他们讨厌不同肤色 不同瞳色或者不同发色的人

We are all immigrants from somewhere, be it another city, another country, or another dimension.

我们都是来自其他地方的移民 可能是另一个城市 另一个国家 或者另一个维度

It's another... It's another half an hour driving or another hour sitting in traffic.

要么多開半小時 要么堵上一個小時

to bear another child, to love another wife, to make another friend.

养育其他孩子 爱上另一个妻子 交到别的朋友

Oh, you know, another day, another pimp, another child prostitute.

日复一日 又一个皮条客 又一个雏妓

I chose another path, another life, another fate where I found my sister.

我选择了另一条路 我找到我妹时 另外生活 另一种命运

If I'm not released, there'll be another attack, and then another attack and another attack, until I'm set free.

如果我还没被释放 那还会有下一起 再下一起 再下一起 直到我被释放

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