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◎ 释义

n. 碳, 副本, 复写纸
[化] 碳

n. an abundant nonmetallic tetravalent element occurring in three allotropic forms: amorphous carbon and graphite and diamond; occurs in all organic compounds
n. a copy made with carbon paper



And you can see that each carbon atom is surrounded by three other carbon atoms, and the bond between those carbon atoms is really, really strong.

你会发现 每个碳原子都被其他三个碳原子所包围 这些碳原子之间的键非常强

And here you are, a drunk sack of carbon heckling another sack of carbon.

你也一样 一个醉醺醺的碳基生物 却在这里嘲笑另一个碳基生物

It's carbon that's been treated with oxygen to open up the millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms.

是搀和了氧的碳 打开碳原子之间无数的小孔

So, for fire, the combustion process is turning a fuel into water and carbon dioxide and some carbon.

就着火来说 燃烧过程就是把燃料变成水 二氧化碳和一些碳

One moment you've got calcium carbonate, next moment it's all fizzed back to carbon dioxide.

上一秒还是碳酸钙 下一秒全嘶嘶冒泡变回二氧化碳

The heart of the technology was to take that organi* and to begin to engineer the capability of that organi* to take the carbon from carbon dioxide and convert it into a fuel molecule.

这个技术的核心在于利用这种生物 着手控制它的能力 将碳从二氧化碳中提取出来 并转换成一种燃料分子

I don't know, I didn't carbon date him.

我不知道 我又没给他碳测年

It's the carbon dioxide we breathe out.


No, if it was carbon monoxide, you'd be a ghost, too.

不 如果是一氧化碳的话 你也会变成鬼

There's literally no carbonation in a world with you in it.

有你存在 这世上就没有冒泡的汽水

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